Who is Xelle

Hi…and welcome to Xelle.

Xelle Photography was started by Charlotte & Adrian in 2013. They met whilst working as event photographers, covering a variety of equine events in the South East. After one too many rainy days standing in a field they decided there must be a better way!

Xelle started by “accident” really, a chance conversation over Facebook, a want to create something truly unique, combining both their knowledge of photography, with Charlottes artistic background. Luckily they had plenty of subjects to test their skills on, Adrian had four dogs of his own and Charlotte, at the time, had three dogs, a horse and four alpacas!

Their techniques and artistic processes have developed over time to create, what they believe is perfection in animal portraiture. Charlotte now runs Xelle alone, while Adrian has moved onto running a company specialising in child portraiture, ‘Hawksworth & Chub’.



co-founder, photographer, artist

E-mail: info@xellephotography.co.uk